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18 Jul

Aerofuels Group of Companies investment program for 2020-2022 is agreed upon and approved. The total amount of investments for three years, according to Aerofuels specialists research, is 1 billion 50 million rubles, which exceeds last year indexes. The program basically aims at construction of new and re-equipping of operating refueling complexes (TZK) in the Russian airports, including related infrastructure.

The following areas of investment are marked as priority:

- delivery of up-to-date aerodrome refuelers and truck tanks to Aerofuels network TZK. During the nearest three years it is planned to buy 12 refuelers of 20 45 m3 capacity equipped with reliable components of the domestic and import manufacture;

- construction and commissioning of two new and re-equipping of four current quality control laboratories (including installation of up-to-date laboratory devices);

- general renewal of fuel facilities and infrastructure in several TZK.

Aerofuels investment plan, first of all, aims at provision of a high level of flights safety due to a full set of services in airplanes refueling offered to airlines. At the same time, it is important for the company to have a full set of aviation fuel supply services complied with the requirements of the most demanding customer, which means a strict conformance to the Russian and international standards of aviation fuel quality, its transportation and storage conditions, and means for into-plane refueling.

15 Jul

Today TZK Aerofuels, one of the oldest companies of Aerofuels Group of Companies, celebrates their twentieth anniversary. Over the last years TZK Aerofuels became one of the key branch players in the Russian aviation fuel supply market having refueled thousands of the Russian and international airlines flights in over 30 Russian airports. Thanks to professional and efficient work with their counterparties the company deservedly enjoys their customers confidence, and has a reliable partner reputation.

A special point in TZK Aerofuels activities deals with the study and application of the up-to-date world achievements in air carriers refueling in the network of their own refueling complexes (TZK) located both in large and small regional airports. The company follows high international standards in aviation fuel refueling processes arrangement and uses the most up-to-date business solutions based on the leading manufacturing and engineering.

All enterprises and companies, members of Aerofuels Group of Companies, congratulate TZK Aerofuels on that lovely and remarkable date and wish further growth and wealth to the company!

09 Jul

The Russian Government, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Finance currently continue discussing the issues concerning jet kero prices control and measures for domestic air carriers support. For example, compensation of expenses arising out of the tax manoeuvre to the Russian oil VICs (vertical-integrated companies), aviation fuel price freezing, as well as increase of the re-excise duty for jet kero to be used by domestic airlines are under consideration as high priority measures.

Aerofuels Group of Companies, currently offering refueling in 28 Russian airports through their own refueling network and possessing a vast experience in that field, applied to the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia with their proposal on aviation fuel prices reduction and domestic air carriers support.